Vägra Döda

Description of the presumptive applicants for non-combat military service 1972/73. Jan Agrell

In 1974, Jan Agrell wrote the report “Description of the presumptive applicants for non-combat military service 1972/73”. Parts of this report can be read under read more. Regarding Jan Agrell: in 1955 he was assigned as director for the newly formed Militärpsykologiska institutet, MPI (The Swedish Military Psychological Institute, MPI), where he remained director up until MPA was absorbed into FOA in 1974. During his year as director at MPA he was given the position title as military psychologist. He participated in developing a new procedure for conscription and he was a member of Vapenfrinämnden[1]from 1966. In 1973, Afrell was awarded a professorship. He continued his work at FOA until his retirement in 1983, and after that continued as a consultant for the FOA and Försvarsdepartementet (The Ministry of Defence) until 1990. From Wikipedia.   [1]Vapenfrinämden was a public authority that between the years of 1966-1989 processed all cases of applications for non-combat military service.