Vägra Döda

Collection Seminar

Place: Tegen 2, Bjurholmsgatan 9B, Stockholm

Time: Saturday 20th of January 12-17 and Saturday 3rd of February.

We would like to invite all of you who have completed a non-combat military service to Tegen2 on Saturday 20th of January and Saturday 3rd of February 09-13.

We encourage you to look for documents, photographs and artefacts and bring these along. On site, we offer you the possibility to digitalise your materials and invite you to share your experiences as a non-combatant.

Why did you choose a non-combat military service? What are your memories from this specific time and what are your thoughts in regards to the choices made that led you to complete a non-combat military service?

We, Björn Larsson and Carl Johan Erikson also completed non-combat military service. Our research project started as a reflection upon ourselves as young men in a period of transition. Our decisions influenced our lives in various ways. We have discovered that the stories of the conscientious objectors that completed a non-combat military service are very much absent in our historiography and we hope that our research project will bring to light this particular section of recent Swedish history.


Photographs from the collection seminar 20th of Januari, in Stockholm. Photo: Tove Falk Olsson

Dagens Nyheter 2018/011/18