Vägra Döda

Submitted by Dan Lorén

During secondary school, I became very aware of the fact that conscription, the military and war, was not really something that I sympathised with. For me, a non-combatant military service was the obvious choice.

I recall my conscription and screening taking place somewhere on Hisingen in Gothenburg. When a wooden rifle was handed over to me (in order to check whether I was left or right handed) I thought: “Help, is it NOW that I refuse? It wasn’t. However, later on I was given the opportunity to call upon my stand to a very sceptical soldier seated behind a desk... Read more


Bengt Hällgren

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Velour - the soft magazine

Covers of number 1 to 4 published 1983/84 by Sven-Erik Bengtsson during non-combat military service in Katrineholm.


Memory from non-combat military service - train to Berlin

Images from Henrik Weston, non-combat military service in Nynäshamn 1987


Örjan Nordling - VTP Katrineholm 1978-1979

From my non-combat service in eldery care, Katrineholm.


Per Schillander, non-military service at Skogsvårdsstyrelsen in Värmland 1986


Mats Eriksson

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