Vägra Döda



Place: TEGEN2, Bjurholmsgatan 9B, Stockholm    

Time: 20 January  to 12 February 2023


From Konsten.net:
"...The exhibition at Tegen 2 consists of two parts. The first shows what a broad "attraction campaign" can look like in a public space, with examples of commercial images that, beyond our control, influence us in our daily lives. The next part describes the hidden process of creating a business.
The strongest impression is made by this inner room, wallpapered with copies of the advertising agency's campaign proposals, and where a computer-generated voice reads selected parts from the substrate. Like looking into an otherwise hidden process, relentless and self-sustaining. A prerequisite for the major system shift we are currently enduring... Their works are examples of a contemporary low-key, politically engaged art, and in line with the artists' respective practices. Both have experience in unarmed military service, and a genuine interest in the influence of the state or overall social system on the individual..."
Eva Asp


Place: Tegen2:

Time: 12 February

"From today's afternoon conversation within the framework of the ATTRACTION CAMPAIGN exhibition. Thanks to Carl Johan Erikson, Björn Larsson, Erik Berggren and Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter. An artist talk with lots of questions based on a government advertising campaign for enlistment in the military, targeting women. In this context, the concept of biopolitics came up - "a neologism coined by Michel Foucault ..primarily an art of governance for the regulation of the population through biopower. Biopower in turn is a technology of power performed on the body, so biopower literally becomes power over bodies. Biopolitics operates simultaneously both on a micro level by producing individuality and a macro level by administering the population's way of life. Biopolitics is, simply put, the politicization of life." Gunilla Failer